About Duluth Preserving Company

Mary Dragich has been making jam all her life. As owner of Duluth Preserving Company, she combines her love of the craft with her commitment to locally-produced foods. Since 2013, she and her staff have handcrafted quintessentially Minnesota jams using familiar fruits and traditional, small-batch processing.

Duluth Preserving Company jams taste fresh and fruity. Each bite reveals the company’s values: health, tradition, and simplicity. Strawberry Cranberry and Gooseberry Spice are old family favorites. Glenberry is the recipe of an historic Duluthian, Clara Congdon. Our own Blueberry Maple was born of a love blueberry pancakes topped with maple syrup, especially maple syrup produced in rural Duluth.

Duluth is important to us. We build community around jams, donating them to fundraisers for organizations that house, feed, educate, and help improve the lives of our neighbors. We gratefully employ post-secondary students in transition to the work force.

Find our jams at many specialty retail stores around the region. Look for us at food- and craft-related expos and events. Or, shop online at our new store!

Duluth Preserving Company, Inc. is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to produce preserved foods and to offer them for sale to wholesale and retail customers.

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To contact Duluth Preserving Company, Inc., send an email to info@duluthpreservingcompany.com.

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