When You Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The other day, kids at the preschool adjacent to the jam kitchen dressed up in answer to that question. Cops. Doctors. An artist. Athletes. Chefs. Construction workers. Princesses. Lots of princesses.

Looking at them, I asked the question of myself. What do I want to be? Creative. When I grow up I want to be creative.

Then it hit me. I could be creative in any of the occupations those kids personified. As a cop, I could create relationships with people in the neighborhoods I served. No two relationships are the same. I would learn about all kinds of people and they would learn about me. What would be the special things that differentiated our relationships?

As a doctor or other medical professional, I could create care plans for people living with all kinds of illnesses. How would I help a diabetic kid? What about a middle-aged heart attack survivor? Guided by how people wanted to live their lives, I would help them create ways to live unencumbered by their diagnoses.

As an artist I could create beauty and meaning with any thing I saw or felt or smelled. All those future athletes have the potential to create healthy bodies, strong teams, happy memories for fans. Those chefs will unleash their creativity on foods and beverages in ways I can’t imagine. Oh those princesses. Imagine the gorgeous castles they will create, the serene lives they will help create for the people in their lands.

Best of all, I AM creative. I am a creative jam maker. Duluth Preserving Company is a path to creativity. Our focus is handcrafting jams. We use traditional methods to create jams with brand new fruit and spice combinations. We add spices that my grandmothers never had in their kitchens and fruits they could not access. Life is good during those hours spent cooking jam. Contentment derives from racks of shining jars full of freshly created goodness.

Three new flavors are in the works. When we’ve finished creating them, you can let us know what you create with them.