Second Saturday Marketplace Swan Song

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Also known as “Nice Girls of the North,” Second Saturday Marketplace has been our monthly hangout for two years. Though we’ve always wondered why they let us in–really? Nice girls?–we’ve had a great run.

If you’ve never visited this marketplace, be sure to do it. Eleven talented, funny, enterprising women artists/crafters make up the core group. Two guest artists join us every month, allowing us to showcase a variety of talent. You’ll find baby and small child clothes, candles, upcycled and repurposed home decor and clothing, pottery, and more.

Two things about this market are pretty darn spectacular. One, over its four and a half years of  being there every month of the year, enough people have come through the doors and purchased enough stuff to keep the marketplace going. Two, local artists and crafters have a place to sell their creations and YOU have a place to purchase goods made right here.

Well, let’s make it three things. A number of our artisans/crafters got their start here. Are you someone who makes fantastic fudge or mittens or soap? Are you a woman who paints or makes jewelry or carves wood or makes art of any kind? Do you give away your work? Do you sell it for less than it’s worth? Second Saturday Marketplace has helped women give credence to their talents. Participating in an organized event has helped them believe in their talents and in what they have made. Apply to be a guest artist at an upcoming sale.

Second Saturday Marketplace is supported by the community, in true Duluth fashion. Event listings on Perfect Duluth Day, in The Woman Today, and in Congdon Neighbors magazine announce each month’s sale. The sale is posted through our membership in Visit Duluth, and we’ve made friends with hospitality industry professionals who tell hotel guests about us. Thanks, everybody!

As terrific as Second Saturday Marketplace is, Duluth Preserving Company is bowing out after the March 12 sale. Sad, for us, but true. We’re spreading our wings and working to grow the wholesale portion of our business. Successful efforts will be visible soon, as our jams will be sold in two new locations on the North Shore and in two more locations here in Duluth. The Cheese Cave in Faribault is our first ever location south of the Twin Cities.

We will still participate in local events so we can meet you, the foundation of our success. For that we are eternally grateful. Look for us in May at the Duluth Junk Hunt. Check back here for other events. Watch our facebook page for updates.

Please come to Second Saturday Marketplace. You won’t regret it. And this month you might be tempted by some sweet jam specials.