Jam is more than a topping for toast

Jam is more than a topping for toast. That’s our motto at Duluth Preserving Company.  Not that we don’t eat our share of toast.


Extraordinary jams let you cook and indulge in style, without guilt.

Having chicken for dinner? Doesn’t that need an Apple Lemon Ginger jam glaze? Making salad for lunch? Blueberry Maple vinaigrette is the perfect dressing for any salad. We love it on wild rice salad with diced veggies. Gooseberry Spice perfectly completes grilled cheese and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  Jam added to a smoothie makes a healthy snack or breakfast. Add a spoonful to granola for a breakfast treat.

Our weak side is sweets. The possibilities are endless: jam cake, jam bars, jam cookies and muffins.


Lingonberry Orange Jam adds depth to an appetizer tray of soft cheeses and whole-grain crackers. These earthy flavors combine in a surprisingly delectable way.


Let your imagination follow the jams’ lead. Take a look at our “Cook” page. We’re adding recipes bit by bit. Pick up recipe cards when you see us at local events.

Send us pictures and recipes from your kitchen. We love to hear about your jam favorites.