Blueberry Maple Jam Month

We have declared January 2016 BLUEBERRY MAPLE JAM MONTH. It’s our # 1 selling jam two years running. An apt reason to celebrate it as our very first jam of the month.



None of our jams is just for toast. Pelican Coffee serves this savory sandwich, the Blueberry Maple Turkey Melt. Our favorite two-year-old eats yogurt and Blueberry Maple Jam every morning for breakfast. Another winter breakfast treat is Blueberry Maple Jam stirred into hot oatmeal.



Blueberries taken from our home freezer over the winter evoke summer days spent picking. We make pie or muffins or add the berries to a fruit salad or soup. We taste summer sunshine and warm breezes.

Blueberry Maple Jam takes us back, too. Our Sunday morning waffles, topped with jam, are winter’s version of pancakes filled with fresh berries. Blueberry Maple Vinaigrette dressing (recipe coming soon) tastes terrific on salads in any season.

Isn’t it time you enjoy Blueberry Maple Jam? No jam in your pantry? Visit one of our retailers soon!