Extending Our Reach

Our jams have traveled to Cambodia, which is 8,000 miles from Duluth. Anold friend, Donna, not knowing who owned Duluth Preserving Company, took some jars of jam with her to give as hostess gifts.

We’ve never been to Cambodia, yet feel, by extension, as if we have been. It’s made us wonder where else in the world parts of us travel, where our influence is felt, with or without our knowledge. If we send money to help build schools for girls in the Middle East, we know we have some impact there. But, if we do a kindness to someone in our town, on our street, in our workplace, where might it go? If that kindness brightens someone’s day, does that person shine a light on someone she meets? Does that spirit live on?

In starting our company, we took some risks, developed some pretty good jam recipes, kept on making them, and believed our business would succeed. We worked carefully, bought the best ingredients we could. We followed advice. Still, sometimes we wonder if making jam makes a difference. Is  the world a better place because of it?

Now our jams have been to Cambodia. Somebody liked what we made and offered to the world. She gave it as a gift. We did that for somebody and got a lot more back in return.